H P Sideropoulos

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The isolation and partial characterization of a marine bacteriophage attacking a strain of luminous bacteria is described, including some physical, biological, and genetic properties. It is a DNA phage of density of 1.52 with a long flexible tail and an apparently icosohedral head. With respect to stability in suspension, it has a rather specific(More)
Cystoscopic procedures were performed on 102 patients with histories of traumatic spinal cord lesion; 57 patients had sensorimotor levels above T7, and the remaining 45 patients had levels below T7. In 40 of the 57 patients (70 per cent) with levels above T7, signs and symptoms of autonomic hyperreflexia were seen during bladder distension and cystoscopy;(More)
Two hundred patients scheduled to undergo a variety of surgical and gynecologic procedures were studied to determine whether increased surgical bleeding occurred in those who had drug-induced platelet dysfunction. Twelve of 55 patients (22 percent) who had a positive drug history and abnormal platelet aggregation were judged to have excessive bleeding at(More)
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