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We present a new optical system design for a projector with a single digital micromirror device (Texas Instruments Digital Micromirror Device) that improves on previous designs in terms of optical efficiency, uniformity, and contrast while yielding a low-profile and compact system. A rod integrator is incorporated with a compact relay system to maximize(More)
Micro polarizing beam splitters (micro PBS) are required in micro optical systems for sensing and signal processing when the polarization state is a concern. In this paper, silicon nitride thin films with low stress and low absorption at 405 nm wavelength were investigated. The reflectance and the transmittance of TM and TE modes of a pop-up micro-PBS(More)
High-efficiency color filters composed of a microprism array, optical interference color filters, and a microlens array light compressor were developed to increase the optical throughput of liquid-crystal projection systems. The new devices utilize the energy of whole spectra by taking full advantage of a light compressor and interference dichroic filters(More)
New erasable thermal phase-change superresolution (EPSR) disks composed of mask and recording layers can increase recording density by the detection of the below-diffraction-limited marks within the readout spot. The formation of the aperture and the readout signal on the EPSR disk were analyzed. The feasibility of optically designed EPSR disks was(More)
This paper reports a novel fabrication process to integrate SU-8 negative resist on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates. In this surface-micromachining-like process, the device layer of the SOI substrate and the SU-8 layer are two structural layers, separated by an oxide sacrificial layer. The stress-free and single-crystalline nature of the top SOI layer(More)
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