H P Ragazzoni

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In the fall of 1985, an outbreak of giardiasis occurred among several swimming groups at an indoor pool in northeast New Jersey. Nine clinical cases were identified, eight of whom had Giardia positive stool specimens. All were female; seven were adults (greater than 18 years) and two were children. The attack rate was highest (39 per cent, 5/13) for the(More)
From 31 March through 3 April 1991, 8 New Jersey residents developed severe, watery diarrhea after eating crabmeat brought back in the suitcase of a traveler to Ecuador. Stool cultures yielded toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O1, serotype Inaba, biotype El Tor from 4 persons, and vibriocidal antibody titers were > or = 1:640 in 7 persons, indicating recent(More)
During 1994-1996, Shigella sonnei outbreaks occurred in 8 North American traditionally observant Jewish communities. These communities remain relatively separate from neighboring populations while maintaining close contact by travel with coreligionists in other cities. Epidemiologic investigations suggested community-to-community transmission via travel.(More)
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