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Immunoreactive trypsin was localized with the peroxidase-antiperoxidase technique in normal human pancreatic tissue and in the glands of patients suffering from acute or chronic pancreatitis. In the normal pancreas and in the histologically normal areas of the inflamed pancreas, trypsin was detected in the zymogen granules of acinar cells and in ductal(More)
To examine the significance of a disturbed lymph drainage for the pathogenesis of acute necrotizing pancreatitis, thoracic duct ligation was performed in 53 Wistar rats. Histological examination of the pancreas and analysis of serum lipase and serum amylase were carried out at various time intervals from 1 h to 42 days after initiating the experiment.(More)
  • H. P. Putzke
  • Zeitschrift für die gesamte innere Medizin und…
  • 1979
The pathological anatomy of pancreatitis is treated, based on a classification in acute haemorrhagic necrotizing (tryptic), acute serous (interstitial), acute purulent, chronic sclerosing (primary) and chronic relapsing (tryptic) pancreatitis, in which case is referred to the problems of such classifications. Among the individual forms etiologic and(More)
Non-therapeutic circumcision violates boys' right to bodily integrity as well as to self-determination. There is neither any verifiable medical advantage connected with the intervention nor is it painless nor without significant risks. Possible negative consequences for the psychosexual development of circumcised boys (due to substantial loss of highly(More)
  • H. P. Putzke
  • Deutsche Zeitschrift für Verdauungs- und…
  • 1981
In a survey, damages of the exocrine pancreas in form of pancreatopathies and particularly of pancreatitis caused by diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are discussed under the special consideration of pathomorphological aspects. For the underpinning of pathogenetical conceptions, additional results of animal experiments are included. Main subjects of the(More)
The glycocalyx of the pancreatic acinar cells might play a role in the pathogenesis of ductally induced pancreatitis. The detection of luminar glycocalyx of pancreatic acinar and ductular cells succeeded by injections of different markers, such as ruthenium red, lanthanum hydroxide, tannic acid, colloidal iron or ferritin in the pancreatic duct system. The(More)
A case report is given on the rare course of an ameloblastic odontoma which originated from the right mandible in a girl at the age of 14. During the follow-up of 12 years there where 4 recurrences with a change in the histological findings. While ameloblastic epithelial complexes were found to be ever decreasing, there was, on the other hand, an increase(More)
The metoropathological analysis of 958 fatal lung embolisms in the territory of Rostock does not make notice of special relation of the summer, preparing the material acc. to the both main seasons. In winter the fine weather phases 1-4 and normal radiation conditions result in a significant increase of the rate of mortality. A special endangering seams to(More)
The frequency of the fatal pulmonary embolism in the autopsy material of Rostock University undergoes greater variations. After an increase of the incidence in connection with hyperalimentation and increase of age to the twofold to threefold between 1922 and 1974 as possible sequel of a prophylaxis of thrombosis a decrease of maximally 12.4 to 8.2% is to be(More)