H. P. Morvan

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The development of new GNSS constellations, and the modernization of existing ones, has increased the availability and the number of satellites-in-view, paving the way for new navigation algorithms and techniques. These offer the opportunity to improve the navigation performance while at the same time potentially reducing the support which has to be(More)
This paper studies strategies to minimize the electromechanical interaction (EMI) within aircraft power systems. With the growth of electrical power on-board aircraft, the interaction between the electrical systems and the engine core will become significant. The behaviour of electrical loads (on/off, transient etc.) will have significant impacts on the(More)
Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (ARAIM) is a new Aircraft Based Augmentation System (ABAS) technique, firstly presented in the two reports of the GNSS Evolutionary Architecture Study (GEAS). The ARAIM technique offers the opportunity to enable GNSS receivers to serve as a primary means of navigation, worldwide, for precision approach down(More)
A parametric study on circular thin-walled pipes subjected to pure bending is performed. Both straight and curved pipes are considered. Ratio D/t, initial pipe curvature and internal pressure are the parameters varying in the analyses. The study is mainly FEA-based. It is found that negative curvatures (opposite to bending moment) considerably increase(More)
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