H.-P. Müller

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In the routine recording of magnetocardiograms (MCGs), it is necessary to underline the problem of noise cancellation. Source separation has often been suggested to solve this problem. In this paper, blind source separation (BSS), by means of singular value decomposition (SVD) and independent component analysis (ICA), was used for noise reduction in MCG(More)
  • H Müller
  • 2006
With the presented technique it is possible for the user of the chairside Cerec method to design the functional anatomy of the occlusal surface and the precision of the occlusal level right from the start, so that the restoration fits well in the occlusion ofthe patient without causing interference.
For determination of copper in liver tissue and in liver biopsy samples an extractive catalytic determination is proposed. After digestion of the liver samples with nitric acid, copper is extracted as the salicylate-pyridine complex into chloroform and determined catalytically directly in the organic extract by addition of ethanolic solutions of sulphanilic(More)
  • H Müller
  • 2000
The Correlation and Function modes are valuable assistants for an anatomical occlusal surface design in the Cerec method. Because of the extensive improvements of the Cerec 3 software, particularly the Correlation mode considerably simplifies the clinical procedure. Correlation works so accurately that even with small restorations, provided that the initial(More)