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Laser operation at 2.8 microm in BaY(2)F(8) with erbium concentrations of 7.5% and 20% is investigated under laser-diode pumping at 967 nm. Output powers as high as 250 mW and slope efficiencies as high as 24% are obtained. Results are comparable with those of Er(3+):LiYF(4) under the same pump conditions. Slope efficiencies above 30% are predicted for(More)
We report the results of a direct search for the (229)Th (I(π)=3/2(+)←5/2(+)) nuclear isomeric transition, performed by exposing (229)Th-doped LiSrAlF(6) crystals to tunable vacuum-ultraviolet synchrotron radiation and observing any resulting fluorescence. We also use existing nuclear physics data to establish a range of possible transition strengths for(More)
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