H P Hirshman

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Forty-one professional baseball players volunteered for upper extremity range of motion measurements and isokinetic testing for internal and external shoulder rotation. Pitchers demonstrated 9 degrees more external shoulder rotation with the arm abducted, 5 degrees more forearm pronation, and 9 degrees less shoulder extension on the dominant side compared(More)
Palacos bone cement with and without contained gentamicin was tested for antibacterial efficacy using a rabbit model of a knee hemiarthroplasty and a challenge with intra-articular Escherichia coli. The gentamicin-containing cement prevented infection from challenge with Escherichia coli and protected against inadvertent operative infection as well.(More)
UNLABELLED Concentrations of cephalothin or cefamandole were measured in serum, bone, synovial fluid, and wound drainage fluid in fifty-seven patients undergoing total hip or knee replacement after a two-gram intravenous bolus injection. The concentrations were similar in serum and synovial fluid for both antibiotics; however, in bone and drainage fluid the(More)
A single intravenous dose of one gram of cefazolin was administered prophylactically to forty-eight patients undergoing total joint replacement. The serum half-life of the antibiotic was 1.8 hours, the same value found in normal volunteers. The mean concentration in bone during surgery was 5.7 micrograms per gram of bone. The mean concentration in synovial(More)
An animal model was developed to study whether Staphylococcus aureus could penetrate a sutured wound. Six days after bacteria were applied to sutured incisions, viable organisms could be recovered from the depths of the wounds in the majority of cases. Specifically, bacteria could be recovered in 23 of 24 wounds when they were applied 1 day after suturing,(More)
A spectrum of new and commonly used antibiotics was examined with regard to their ability to penetrate into joint fluid in normal and E. coli infected rabbit knee joints. In order to carry out this investigation a new, simple method of measuring antibiotics in very small amounts of synovial fluid was developed. Cephalothin, cefazolin, cefoxitin,(More)
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