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In a prospective study of 80 patients with primary aldosteronism (70 with adenoma and 10 with hyperplasia), "refractory" hypertension, hyperkinetic circulation, and hypovolemia were frequent occurrences. We found that measurements of serum potassium concentration and plasma renin activity were inadequate screening tests because of high rates of(More)
Certain chemical and pharmacological properties of sodium nitroprusside, a cheap, readily available chemical, have been described. It is a powerful hypotensive agent when given intravenously to hypertensive patients. It is no more effective than the sodium thiocyanate into which it is converted when given by mouth. Prolonged infusion has proved highly(More)
The influence of beta-adrenergic blockade (160 mg per day of propranolol for four weeks) on plasma renin activity, plasma volume, and arterial pressure was explored in 20 patients with essential hypertension with hyper-reninemia from long-term diuretic therapy. In 15 of these patients renin activity remained elevated (range, 3.1 to 23.0 ng per milliliter).(More)