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Two histocompatibility loci, H-23 and H-28, and an interferon locus, If-1, are shown linked to matted, ma, and varitint-waddler, Va, on chromosome 3 of the mouse. The gene order (from centromere) with intervening percent recombination is: ma-19.1(+/- 4.9)-H-23-12.0(+/- 4.0)-VaJ-7.7(+/- 2.2)-H-28-5.9(+/- 2.2)-If-1.
It has been proposed that the male-specific transplantation antigen H-Y is the trigger for testis formation (Ohno's hypothesis). We have tested this hypothesis by examining the H-Y status of a number of mice with abnormal or aberrant karyotypes relative to their gonad development. This analysis includes the discussion of published results of XX males(More)
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