H P Broquist

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Male weanling rats were fed a 72% rice diet containing no detectable carnitine and limiting in threonine and lysine. Such dietary conditions may simulate protein malnutrition in man. Under these conditions growth impairment, anemia, hypoproteinemia, and fatty liver developed. The study focused principally on the fatty liver syndrome which was corrected to(More)
Swainsonine, a plant toxin, strongly inhibits certain alpha-D-mannosidases but has no effect on others [D. R. P. Tulsiani, T. M. Harris, and O. Touster (1982) J. Biol. Chem. 257, 7936-7939]. The reversible inhibition of jack bean and lysosomal alpha-D-mannosidases has previously been suggested to be similar in nature but quite complex. Specific differences(More)
Plasma carnitine and urinary carnitine levels were measured in Thai adults living in Bangkok city and Ubol villages. The mean plasma carnitine and urinary carnitine levels expressed in micromoles per liter in Bangkok adults were higher than those in Ubol adults. Their mean plasma carnitine levels were 56.6 +/- 1.8 and 50.3 +/- 1.7 whereas urinary carnitine(More)