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The role of plasma proteins in the mechanisms of brain tissue damage in ischemic events remains to be clarified. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether the presence of albumin in the extracellular fluid could induce damage to endothelial and neuronal cells. Neuronal cells from rat fetal brain (15 days) were cultured by using RPMI-1640(More)
Detection of previous cerebral infarction on CT films of patients with no history of stroke is a common occurrence. The incidence of silent cerebral infarction was reported to be about 10 to 11 percent, but very few reports concerning asymptomatic cerebral hemorrhage available. However, recent clinical application of MRI has resulted in the detection of old(More)
The movement of extravasated endogenous protein induced by cold injury was investigated in the rat. Extravasated proteins were observed around the cold injury immediately after injury; within 3 hr they had moved into the ipsi- and contralateral hemispheres along the nerve fibres (routed protein migration). The water content in the areas where the(More)
A rare case of reversible hemiballism due to putaminal pathological process in a 51-year-old woman is described. She was hospitalized for evaluation of hemiballism and muscle weakness on the left side. A cranial computed tomography scan demonstrated a high density lesion in the right putamen with enhancement on delayed scan. Angiographic examination(More)
Calcium hopantenate (HOPA) has been widely used as an activator of cerebral metabolism in Japan. However, several cases of acute encephalopathy during HOPA administration were recently reported, which were characterized by marked metabolic acidosis and hypoglycemia. The encephalopathy in these patients was named Reye-like syndrome because of the similarity(More)
This article demonstrates one clinical application of biofeedback treatment with a microvibration (MV) transducer to relieve functional tremors. A MV transducer, a kind of accelerometer, was originally developed to detect invisible tremors from the body surface but this equipment is also utilized to detect visible tremors to convert them to auditory(More)
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