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A self-regulating on-chip voltage-reduction circuit that adjusts the internal supply voltage to the lowest value compatible with chip speed requirements is described. Besides enhancing reliability, this technique allows power savings. The technique is based on regulation of the supply voltage of an equivalent critical path, a small circuit with delay V/sub(More)
A voltage reference in CMOS technology is based upon transistor pairs of the same type except for the opposite doping type of their polysilicon gates. At identical drain currents, the gate voltage difference, close to the silicon bandgap, is 1.2 V/spl plusmn/0.06 V. Circuits for a positive and for a negative voltage reference are presented. Digital voltage(More)
A micro-power circuit is encapsulated with a 2.1 MHz ZT-cut quartz in a vacuum package. The oscillator core has 2 complementary active MOSFETS and amplitude stabilization. New coupling and biasing circuits, and dynamic frequency dividers allow to achieve ±2 ppm frequency stability down to 1.8 V with a current under 0.5 ¿A.
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