H. O. Mártin

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The quantum diffusion of a particle in an initially localized state on a cyclic lattice with N sites is studied. Diffusion and reconstruction time are calculated. Strong differences are found for even or odd number of sites and the limit N--> infinity is studied. The predictions of the model could be tested with microtechnology and nanotechnology devices.
We studied the transport process of overdamped Brownian particles, in a chain of asymmetric cavities, interacting through a hard-core potential. When a force is applied in opposite directions a difference in the drift velocity of the particles inside the cavity can be observed. Previous works on similar systems deal with the low-concentration regime, in(More)
We introduce finite ramified self-affine substrates in two dimensions with a set of appropriate hopping rates between nearest-neighbor sites where the diffusion of a single random walk presents an anomalous anisotropic behavior modulated by log-periodic oscillations. The anisotropy is revealed by two different random-walk exponents ν(x) and ν(y) in the x(More)
On certain self-similar substrates the time behavior of a random walk is modulated by logarithmic-periodic oscillations on all time scales. We show that if disorder is introduced in a way that self-similarity holds only in average, the modulating oscillations are washed out but subdiffusion remains as in the perfect self-similar case. Also, if disorder(More)
Under certain circumstances, the time behavior of a random walk is modulated by logarithmic-periodic oscillations. Using heuristic arguments, we give a simple explanation of the origin of this modulation for diffusion on a substrate with two properties: self-similarity and finite ramification order. On these media, the time dependence of the mean-square(More)
With the help of Monte Carlo simulations, the one-dimensional diffusion motion of a chain of N beads is studied to determine its diffusion coefficient and viscosity. We found that the end bead movements with respect to that of the central beads play a key role. There is no memory between bead hops but they become correlated as a consequence of the chain(More)
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