H O Kalinowski

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Intraalveolar fibrin formation is a hallmark of many acute and chronic lung inflammatory processes. We investigated the influence of fibrin polymerization on biochemical and biophysical properties of a calf lung surfactant extract (CLSE) used for therapy of neonatal distress syndrome. Thrombin-induced coagulation of human fibrinogen (range, 0.04 to 4 mg/ml)(More)
Temperature-programmed gas chromatographic analysis on columns packed with Apiezon L as stationary phase is shown to be the best method for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of simple and complex hydrocarbon mixtures when compared with all the other applicable techniques (thin-layer chromatography, column chromatography, ultraviolet spectroscopy,(More)
Former publications dealing with high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) of retinol provide inconsistent results and lack evidence for the identification of isomers. For clarification of the problems in this field, the isomeric structure of the major retinol isomers in crystallized form was proven by 1H-NMR, UV absorption spectroscopy and by X-ray(More)
BACKGROUND The efficiency of cysteamine eye drops in the treatment of cystinosis has been demonstrated in several studies: Corneal cystine crystals can be removed by topical cysteamine. Cysteamie 0.5% eye drops were superior to a 0.1% solution. It is not clear how fast cysteamine is oxidized to cystamine under the influence of atmospheric oxygen. MATERIAL(More)
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