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The electrolarynx provides a valuable means of verbal communication for people who cannot use their natural voice-production mechanism, but technology has changed very little since it was introduced in the 1950s. The presence of background noise degrades the resulting speech. In this study background noise was reduced by a new method, independent component(More)
Time-resolved optical computerized tomographic imaging has gained widespread attention in biomedical research recently because of its non-invasiveness and non-destructiveness to biological and several attempts, aimed at implementing a practical system, have been made for eliminating the obstacles arising from multiple light scattering of biological tissue.(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between recurrent major depression (MD) in women and suicidality is complex. We investigated the extent to which patients who suffered with various forms of suicidal symptomatology can be distinguished from those subjects without such symptoms. METHOD We examined the clinical features of the worst episode in 1970 Han Chinese(More)
This paper aims to research the position control of the hydraulic cylinder controlled by the high-speed on-off valve to realize the precise position control. The strategy combining the pulse width modulation with pulse frequency modulation is proposed to compensate the dead and saturated zones of the high-speed on-off valve, which is on the groundwork of(More)
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