H. Nejat Pishkenari

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In this paper, a novel robust adaptive control method is proposed for controlling the Lorenz chaotic attractor. A new backstepping controller for the Lorenz system based on the Lyapunov stability theorem is proposed to overcome the singularity problem that appeared in using the typical backstepping control method. By exploiting the property of the system,(More)
Differential Evolution (DE) and Genetic Algorithms (GA) are population based search algorithms that come under the category of evolutionary optimization techniques. In the present study, these evolutionary methods have been utilized to conduct the optimum design of a fuzzy controller for mobile robot trajectory tracking. Comparison between their(More)
The finite element method and molecular dynamics simulations are used for modeling the AFM microcantilever dynamics and the tip-sample interaction forces, respectively. Molecular dynamics simulations are conducted to calculate the tip-sample force data as a function of tip height at different lateral positions of the tip with respect to the sample. The(More)
In this paper a novel approach to dynamic formulation of rovers has been presented. The complexity of these multi-body systems especially on rough terrain, challenged us to use the Kane's method which has been preferred to others in these cases. As an example, symbolic equations of a six-wheeled rover, named CEDRA Rescue Robot which uses a shrimp like(More)
Trolling mode atomic force microscope (TR-Mode AFM) significantly reduces the hydrodynamic drag generated during operation in liquid environments. This is achieved by utilizing a long nanoneedle and keeping the cantilever out of liquid. In this research, a continuous mathematical model is developed to study TR-Mode AFM dynamics near a sample submerged in(More)
In this paper we have studied the motion of a nanocar and nanotruck on gold substrate using the classical molecular dynamics method. Analyzing the motion regime of the nanocar at different temperatures is one of the main goals of this paper. In the past years, similar molecules such as Trimmer, Z-car and nanotruck have been simulated by Konyukhov and(More)
With rapid development of methods for dynamic systems modeling, those with less computation effort are becoming increasingly attractive for different applications. This paper introduces a new form of Kane’s equations expressed in the matrix notation. The proposed form can efficiently lead to equations of motion of multi-body dynamic systems particularly(More)
Small scale robotics have attracted growing attention for the prospect of targeting and accessing cell-sized sites, necessary for high precision biomedical applications and drug/gene delivery. The loss of controlled gene therapy, inducing systemic side effects and reduced therapeutic efficiency, can be settled utilizing these intelligent carriers. Newly(More)