H. Nejat Pishkenari

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Differential Evolution (DE) and Genetic Algorithms (GA) are population based search algorithms that come under the category of evolutionary optimization techniques. In the present study, these evolutionary methods have been utilized to conduct the optimum design of a fuzzy controller for mobile robot trajectory tracking. Comparison between their(More)
In this paper a novel approach to dynamic formulation of rovers has been presented. The complexity of these multi-body systems especially on rough terrain, challenged us to use the Kane's method which has been preferred to others in these cases. As an example, symbolic equations of a six-wheeled rover, named CEDRA Rescue Robot which uses a shrimp like(More)
In this paper we have studied the motion of a nanocar and nanotruck on gold substrate using the classical molecular dynamics method. Analyzing the motion regime of the nanocar at different temperatures is one of the main goals of this paper. In the past years, similar molecules such as Trimmer, Z-car and nanotruck have been simulated by Konyukhov and(More)
In recent years, nanocars with p-carborane wheels have been a subject of interest as an artificial molecular machine. Researchers aim to discover compositions that are easier to fabricate, efficient and are more stable on the surface. The p-carborane molecule has all these key elements, making it a viable choice as a nanocar wheel, and the mobility of a(More)
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