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Human Protein Reference Database (HPRD) is an object database that integrates a wealth of information relevant to the function of human proteins in health and disease. Data pertaining to thousands of protein-protein interactions, posttranslational modifications, enzyme/substrate relationships, disease associations, tissue expression, and subcellular(More)
The rapid pace at which genomic and proteomic data is being generated necessitates the development of tools and resources for managing data that allow integration of information from disparate sources. The Human Protein Reference Database (http://www.hprd.org) is a web-based resource based on open source technologies for protein information about several(More)
Frequency of new copy number variation in humans pp333-334 Gert-Jan B van Ommen Book Review The unwanted p335 Reviewed by: Elof Axel Carlson News and Views Partners in crime pp337-338 Touching base p346 Research Highlights p347 Brief Communications Resveratrol rescues mutant polyglutamine cytotoxicity in nematode and mammalian neurons pp349-350
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