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In this paper we consider cone metric type spaces which are introduced as a generalization of symmetric and metric spaces by Khamsi and Hussain in 2010. Then we prove several common fixed point for weakly compatible mappings in cone metric type spaces. All results are proved in the settings of a solid cone, without the assumption of continuity of the(More)
—We present an open-loop optimal control approach to treat the optimal trajectory planning problem for nonholonomic wheeled mobile robots in the presence of kinematics and dynamics of both wheels and manipulators. This method is based on the Pontryagin's minimum principle that by providing a two point boundary value problem is solved the problem. The(More)
In this work, we prove a common fixed point theorem by using the generalized distance in a cone metric space. Our theorem extend some results of Abbas and Jungck [M. Abbas, G. Jungck, Common fixed point results for non-commuting mappings without continuity in cone metric spaces, J. Math. Anal.mon fixed point theorems on generalized distance in ordered cone(More)
BACKGROUND Antigen B (AgB) is frequently used for immuno-diagnosis of human cystic echinococcosis (CE). Echinococcus granulosus AgBs show a high degree of genetic variability in different hosts or in different CE endemic areas. The present study aimed to evaluate the genetic polymorphisms of encoding antigen B2 gene (AgB2) among different Iranian isolates(More)