H. N. Cantrell

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Tracheocutaneous fistula (TCF) is a complication of tracheotomy that adds a difficult and bothersome aspect to the patient's care and may exacerbate respiratory disease. Closure of the fistula is recommended, but complications associated with fistula closure include pneumothorax and respiratory compromise. Several surgical approaches have been advocated in(More)
Why "... design without evaluation usually is inadequate ." 1 "Simulation... is applicable wherever we have a certain degree of understanding of the process to be simulated." 1 "The key to performance evaluation as well as to systems design is an understanding of what systems are and how they work." 1 "The purpose of measurment is insight, not numbers ." 3(More)
  • H Cantrell
  • 1997
Septoplasty, in its myriad forms, has been used for decades as a treatment to correct nasal airway obstruction. In some cases septoplasty is done to achieve adequate visualization for further work on the nose or paranasal area. With the onset of FESS the correction of the deviated septum has increasingly been done to facilitate adequate visualization and to(More)
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is the most common viral opportunistic infection in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), affecting up to 90% of patients. CMV can manifest as primary, latent or chronic persistent infection, most commonly appearing as retinitis, encephalitis or gastrointestinal disease. Other less common presentations, including(More)
Logic tables are an excellent way of developing and expressing the logic required in procedures, operations, systems and circuits. A set of rules for writing and using logic tables is explained by means of some simple examples. Then the logic structure of a vending machine is given in which two logic tables are used. Logic tables are two-dimensional in(More)
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