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The present document is a follow-up of the clinical practice guidelines of the French Society of Endocrinology, which were established for the use of its members and made available to scientific communities and physicians. Based on a critical analysis of data from the literature, consensuses and guidelines that have already been published internationally,(More)
Imaging of thyroid dysfunction is safe and clinically relevant in children. In congenital hypothyroidism (CH), thyroid imaging permits a precise characterization of the aetiology, which is important for genetic counselling and clinical management. CH may be due to thyroid dysgenesis (ectopia, hypoplasia and athyrosis) or occurs in eutopic glands. In the(More)
Thyroid nodules are very common, while thyroid cancer is rare and has a very good prognosis. Thyroid nodule ultrasound characterization performed by experienced clinicians allows the selection of the tumours to be punctured and guiding fine needle aspiration (FNA). FNA provide cytology information able to differentiate benign tumours from cancer in(More)
Good practice guide for cervical ultrasound scan and echo-guided techniques in treating differentiated thyroid cancer of vesicular origin. American, European and French Recommendations for the treatment of differentiated vesicular thyroid cancer were recently published. Cervical ultrasound scanning is now considered a key examination in the follow-up of(More)
All ultrasound examinations for thyroid nodule should include a malignancy risk assessment based on the markedly hypoechoic nature of the nodule, presence of microcalcifications, ill-defined margins, nodule with shape taller than wide and intra-nodular hypervascularity at color Doppler. In patients with multinodular thyroid gland, precise nodule mapping is(More)
Ultrasonography and scintigraphy are the first line diagnostic imaging modalities for the evaluation of thyroid nodules. Scintigraphy provides functional informations, mainly detection of hot nodules. US provides accurate morphologic evaluation and it may sometimes suggest malignancy. US is the modality of choice for follow-up of non resected nodules and is(More)
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