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The Japanese are mesocephalic and their faces tend to look broad when viewed from the front. The main reason for this appearance is the prominent zygoma. The temporal area is closely related to the zygoma, and when this portion of the face is excessively concave, the zygoma stands out and causes the face to appear seedy or older than the actual age. To cure(More)
Several liquid-chromatographic systems involving anion-exchange resins and linear acetate gradient elution have been reported previously for the analysis of ultraviolet-absorbing constituents in human urine. We describe a high-performance liquid-chromatographic system on which a macroreticular anion-exchange resin, and stepwise elution are used. Separations(More)
A clinical liquid chromatograph, which consists of a completely automated liquid chromatograph combined with a microcomputer for diagnosis, and its application to body function analyses are described. The analytical rate for urinary ultraviolet-absorbing constituents using anion-exchange chromatography was 12 samples per day, and the reproducibilities for(More)
A new series of methyltrialkylammonium salts with an alkyl chain length (n) longer than the conventional methyltridodecylammonium (MTDDA, n = 12) has been developed, and these materials were examined for use as the ion-sensing component (ligand) in anion-selective electrodes (ISEs). Syntheses of the higher ammoniums with n = 16, 18, and 20 were carried out.(More)
The time-dependent restricted-active-space self-consistent-field singles (TD-RASSCF-S) method is presented for investigating TD many-electron dynamics in atoms and molecules. Adopting the SCF notion from the muticonfigurational TD Hartree-Fock (MCTDHF) method and the RAS scheme (single-orbital excitation concept) from the TD configuration-interaction(More)
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