H. Midorikawa

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In the present study, we focus on the proliferation of human arterial smooth muscle cells (SMCs) from NIDDM patients (DM-SMCs) to clarify the reactivity to the growth factor(s) in fetal calf serum (FCS) and the factor(s) secreted by T-cells. The proliferation of DM-SMCs was significantly greater than SMCs from nondiabetic patients (nonDM-SMC). DM-SMC(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to examine the use of fully supported open stent grafting (OSG) with a Matsui-Kitamura (MK) stent for treatment of distal arch aneurysm (DAA). METHODS Surgery was performed using a newly developed device in seven DAA patients (six men and one woman) from 58 to 86 years of age (mean, 73 years old) from August 2005 to June 2007.(More)
We experienced two cases whose low back pain was improved after vascular reconstructive surgery for arteriosclerosis obliterans in the abdominal cavity. Based on these observations, we propose the term "vascular backache" and we discuss possible pathomechanisms underlying this condition. One patient had a stenotic lesion in the lower abdominal aorta and was(More)
A 69-year-old man was transferred to our hospital because of sudden onset precordial pain and dyspnea. Transesophageal echocardiography revealed massive aortic regurgitation, diastolic separation of the closure line of the aortic cusps and prolapsing motion of the cusps during diastolic toward the left ventricular outflow tract. Aortic valve replacement was(More)
Lipoprotein glomerulopathy (LPG) is a novel disease characterized by proteinuria, lipoprotein thrombi in the glomeruli, and increased concentration of plasma apolipoprotein (apo) E. It is believed that a genetic disorder of apo E may be present and associated with the disease. Three patients with LPG were examined in this study. The patients' DNA sequences(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebrovascular disease and cervical artery diseases are potentially treatable conditions that are associated with an increased incidence of stroke after cardiac surgery. This prospective study was designed to determine the prevalence of cerebrovascular diseases in the high risk population of cerebrovascular event including some young patients in(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper describes the long-term results of endoluminal grafting (EG) for the treatment of descending thoracic aortic aneurysms (dTAA). METHODS Until July 2004, EG for dTAA has been applied in 45 cases (male/female, 29/16, 49-86 years old, mean age 67 years old). Locations included the proximal dTAA in 24 cases, and middle or distal dTAA in 21(More)
OBJECTIVE Isolated spontaneous dissection of the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) is very rare among of the visceral artery dissection and its treatment is not established. In this paper we present our experiences and consider the treatment of isolated SMA dissection. METHODS A retrospective review of our cases from 2005 was performed. Clinical symptoms,(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of the present study is to clarify the influence of acute and chronic interruption of blood flow from lumbar arteries as well as the influence of vascular reconstruction on low back pain, back muscles, and lumbar discs. METHODS Subjects were 34 patients with AAA in whom vascular reconstruction was performed. A second group was(More)