H Michel

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  • H Mohwald, H Lichtenfeld, S Moya, A Voigt, G B Sukhorukov, S Leporatti +33 others
  • 2004
Flexible electronic circuits have recently gained widespread interest for numerous applications including flexible displays (electronic paper) [1,2] and wearable electronics. [3,4] Despite substantial improvements over rigid devices, current flexible electronics cannot fully conform to their surroundings, due to the inability of metals and conductive(More)
[11] is tricky, since the spin-coating solution does not wet the substrate and flies off the rotating surface. Since the OTS pattern after the lift-off technique is the inverse of the originally stamped ODT pattern, the sample in Figure 1d features macroscopically an oxide surface with printed OTS stripes on a micrometer lateral scale. Beyond the specific(More)
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