H. Meixner

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The authors describe a newly developed motor concept which allows a bidirectional piezoelectric ultrasonic motor to be operated with only a single voltage feed and thus only one power amplifier. The motor concept is based on the superposition of a longitudinal and a flexural oscillation of a rod-shaped resonator. In a way analogous to the generation of a(More)
Aggregation and aggregation-mediated formation of toxic alpha synuclein (aSyn) species have been linked to the pathogenesis of sporadic and monogenic Parkinson’s disease (PD). A novel H50Q mutation of aSyn, resulting in the substitution of histidine by glutamine, has recently been identified in PD patients. We have previously shown that the lipid(More)
We performed a large-scale crawl of the World Wide Web, covering 6.9 Million domains, including all high-traffic sites of the Internet. We present a study of the correlations found between quantities measuring the structural relevance of each node in the network (the in-and out-degree, the local clustering coefficient, the first-neighbor in-degree and the(More)
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