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The undifferentiated chick retina has elevated levels of fatty acid binding protein (R-FABP) mRNA. Tissue maturation is accompanied by a 50-100-fold decrease in transcript levels. To determine the location of the R-FABP transcript and its encoded protein in the developing retina, in situ hybridization and immunohistochemical analyses were carried out using(More)
This report describes a freeze fracture study of rat dorsal sympathetic chain in normal, streptozotocin diabetic on normal diet, and a group fed a 1% myoinositol normal diet. In nonmyelinated fibres, the diabetic group had significant loss of particles on the P face of juxta-axonal Schwann cell membranes, whilst myelinated nerves showed a profound loss of(More)
A study of the incorporation of hydrogen 3 (3H) leucine into skeletal muscle in patients with human muscular dystrophy and motor neuron disease showed uptake in cytoplasm and myofibrils. The techniques used were light and electron microscopy and autoradiography before and after glycerination (Szent-Gyorgyi). The results indicated an increase of 3H leucine(More)
Studies are described of L-[3H-(G)]leucine and [5-3H]uridine incorporation into proteins in dystrophic mouse skeletal and heart muscle of the 129/Rej/dy Bar Harbor strain. The results show a remarkable difference in isotope incorporation in the 2 muscle types. While skeletal muscle in the dystrophic mouse shows a consistently high cytoplasmic incorporation(More)
In previous studies, the incorporation of 3H(G)L-leucine into muscles of patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease was shown to be increased in comparison with that observed in motor neuron disease (MND). To determine the cause of the increased uptake in CMT, studies of single fiber leucine incorporations have been undertaken. The results of this(More)
The results are reported of single muscle fiber uptake of tritiated leucine in muscle biopsy material from Duchenne dystrophy and Charcot-Marie Tooth disease. The uptake in the two conditions is compared and suggests that the previously reported increase in synthesis of cytoplasmic proteins in muscular dystrophy are probably related to regenerative efforts(More)
The study of 3H leucine incorporation into skeletal muscle of mouse muscular dystrophy (129 ReJ/dy Bar Harbour strain) shows the uptake of isotope into myofibrils. The techniques employed were light and EM autoradiography before and after glycerination (Szent-Gyorgyi 1947). The results indicate a marked drop in uptake of the 3H-Leucine into myofibrils in(More)
The autoradiographic findings using tritiated leucine are described in muscle biopsy material from five patients with progressive muscular dystrophy (P.M.D.), three with motor neuron disease (M.N.D.) and four with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (C.M.T.). In progressive muscular dystrophy there is a marked increase in uptake of leucine into cytoplasmic proteins(More)
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