H Markus Weiss

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AIMS To determine blood binding parameters of imatinib and its metabolite CGP74588 in humans and non-human species. METHODS The blood distribution and protein binding of imatinib and CGP74588 were(More)
PKI166, a specific inhibitor of the tyrosine kinase activity of two epidermal growth factor receptors, was under development for the treatment of cancer. In preclinical studies PKI166 was mainly(More)
The antibacterial activities of 31 different beta-, mixed alpha/beta-, and gamma-peptides, as well as of beta-peptides derived from beta2-3-aza- and beta3-2-methylidene-amino acids were assayed(More)
8-(N-2-hydroxy-5-chlorobenzoyl)-amino-caprylic acid (5-CNAC), a compound lacking pharmacological activity enhances the absorption of salmon calcitonin, when co-administered. Disposition and(More)
Deferasirox (Exjade, ICL670) is an orally active iron chelator. Two molecules of deferasirox can form a complex with ferric iron (Fe-[ICL670]2) that can be excreted, reducing body iron overload. The(More)