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Low power wireless sensor networks provide a new monitoring and control capability for civil and military applications in transportation, manufacturing, biomedical technology, environmental management, and safety and security systems. Low power integrated CMOS systems are being developed for microsensors, signal processors, microcontrollers, communication(More)
Wireless Integrated Network Sensors (WINS) now provide a new monitoring and control capability for transportation, manufacturing, health care, environmental monitoring, and safety and security. WINS combine sensing, signal processing, decision capability, and wireless networking capability in a compact, low power system. WINS systems combine microsensor(More)
The crystal structure, refractive indices, and phase-matching conditions for a new nonlinear optical material, L-histidine tetrafluoroborate (HFB), are reported. HFB grows readily, displays favorable mechanical characteristics, and has adequate birefringence to permit phase-matched parametric processes over much of its transparency range (250 nm to 1300(More)