H. Madadi Kojabadi

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This paper presents a newmethod of estimating the rotor resistance of an induction motor. This method is based on model reference adaptive system approach. The rotor resistance changes dramatically with temperature and frequency. The rotor resistance variation has a great influence on the FOC performance of an IM since the actual slip frequency deviates(More)
In the present paper the behavior of the interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM) fed by a current controlled voltage source inverter under static and dynamic conditions is presented. A method is explained, which estimates the rotor position angles and rotating speeds at several conditions by measuring the instantaneous values of stator voltages(More)
In this paper, a robust predictive current control strategy has been proposed and studied. The predictive current control offers the potential for achieving more precise current control with minimum distortion and harmonic noise. However, the traditional predictive current controller has a poor performance under component parameter variations, and is less(More)
In this paper, a method for offline design of PI controllers is proposed. A multi-objective genetic algorithm is used to minimize the overshoot and settling time of speed responses of an induction motor drive system. The proposed method eliminates the need to specify weights for each objective. Therefore, the design process is simplified and the(More)
Vector-controlled induction motor drive systems without speed sensors have been widely studied. Speed estimation can be treated as a problem of parameter estimation using the model reference adaptive system (MRAS) theory. In these cases, the convergence and robustness of the system are major issues. We discuss the stability of an MRAS that includes an(More)
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