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The most important complication in the treatment of hemophilia A patients today is the development of inhibitory antibodies against infused factor VIII (FVIII). Inhibitor development is caused by a complex interplay between both genetic and environmental factors. The risk of developing inhibitors is greatest in previously untreated patients with severe(More)
Kant's teleology as presented in the Critique of Judgment is commonly interpreted in relation to the late eighteenth-century biological research of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach. In the present paper, I show that this interpretative perspective is incomplete. Understanding Kant's views on teleology and biology requires a consideration of the teleological and(More)
Registries for rare diseases provide a tool for obtaining an overview of the clinical situation and can be used to discover points of improvement and to monitor long-term safety. Registries could also become a powerful tool to provide supporting information for marketing authorization. There is an urgent need for a pan-European or global strategy that(More)
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