H M Zenick

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The chronic exposure of large segments of the population to disinfected drinking water has necessitated an evaluation of the health effects of the by-products of the chlorination process. This paper reviews the available information concerning the reproductive consequences associated with exposure to disinfection by-products. Four groups of compounds are(More)
Investigations of the male reproductive toxicity of ethoxyethanol (ethylene glycol monoethyl ether) have been restricted exclusively to histopathological assessments of the testes. The present study consisted of two experiments designed to document the spermatotoxicity of ethoxyethanol (EE) as reflected in evaluations of ejaculated rat semen. The basic(More)
Establishing the relationship between a given chemical exposure and human reproductive health risk is complicated by exposures or other concomitant factors that may vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. Moreover, when exposures are to complex mixtures of chemicals, varying with time in number of components, doses of individual components, and constancy of(More)
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