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Microfabrication technology was used to develop a system consisting of disposable glass chips containing etched channels, reagents including polymer matrix and size standards, computer-controlled instrumentation for performing electrophoretic separations and fluorescence detection of double-stranded DNA, and software for automated data analysis. System(More)
We have developed a microfabricated analytical device on a glass chip that performs a protein sizing assay, by integrating the required separation, staining, virtual destaining, and detection steps. To obtain a universal noncovalent fluorescent labeling method, we have combined on-chip dye staining with a novel electrophoretic dilution step. Denatured(More)
The government is taking the leading role to persuade the construction industry to engage a more systematic approach and methodology in construction by adapting the Industrialized Building Systems [IBS]. Wall-slab structural system is an IBS system which is suitable for use in residential building. Moment transfer of joint is an important aspect for proper(More)
We study the slope, intercept, and scatter of the color–magnitude and color–mass relations for a sample of 10 infrared red-sequence-selected clusters at z ∼ 1. The quiescent galaxies in these clusters formed the bulk of their stars above z  3 with an age spread Δt  1 Gyr. We compare UVJ color–color and spectroscopic-based galaxy selection techniques, and(More)
Erosion is a common problem occurring on construction sites. It is a leading cause of water quality dilemmas in our water bodies. Our soils will become vulnerable to erosion as when construction activity removes or disturbs vegetative cover, high rainfall intensity and the failure of the sediment basins to function effectively on site. Vegetative covers(More)
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