H. M. Tsai

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Digital watermarking is the modern idea in digital media for copyright protection. Many watermarking algorithm has been developed in recent years, but context of the purposes, as they serve, they contrast from each other. Here we propose algorithm of digital watermarking technique based on DCT (Discrete Cosine Transformation) using permuting the image.(More)
Computed tomography (CT) images have been widely used for liver disease diagnosis. Designing and developing computer-assisted image processing techniques to help doctors improve their diagnosis has received considerable interests over the past years. In this paper, a CT liver image diagnostic classification system is presented which will automatically find,(More)
The control of a platoon using IEEE 802.11p is an active research challenge in the field of vehicular networking and cooperative automated vehicles. IEEE 802.11p is a promising technology for direct vehicle to vehicle communication, but there are concerns about its usage for the control of platoons as it suffers packet losses due to congestion in highly(More)
A Cartesian grid approach for the solution of the Euler equations within the framework of a patched, embedded Cartesian field mesh is described. As Cartesian grids are not necessarily body-aligned, an accurate representation for the surface boundary is important. In this paper a gridless boundary treatment using a cloud of nodes in the vicinity of the body(More)
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