H M Schaefer

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The functional or structural linkage among traits [phenotypic integration (PI)] within complex structures can constrain the evolutionary response of individual traits. To analyse whether frugivores with distinct sensory ecology have shaped the patterns of fruit diversification differently, we compared PI values of fleshy fruits that are consumed by birds(More)
Even though the importance of selection for trait evolution is well established, we still lack a functional understanding of the mechanisms underlying phenotypic selection. Because animals necessarily use their sensory system to perceive phenotypic traits, the model of sensory bias assumes that sensory systems are the main determinant of signal evolution.(More)
  • Wiley Blackwell, E Grueber, S Nakagawa, R J Laws, I G Jamieson, J H Pantel +55 others
  • 2011
Contents Review 699 Multimodel inference in ecology and evolution: challenges and solutions C. 712 Virulence evolution in response to anti-infection resistance: toxic food plants can select for virulent parasites of monarch butterflies J. C. de Roode, C. L. Fernandez de Castillejo, T. Faits and S. Alizon 723 Environmental gradients structure Daphnia pulex ×(More)
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