H. M. Saidur Rahaman

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  • Vishram Mishra, Anas Abu Taleb, J Mathew, H Rahaman, D K Pradhan
  • 2009
— As dense wireless sensor networks are increasingly vulnerable to fault, network must continue processing data without affecting the faulty node. Fault aware routing is an effective way to mitigate such scenario. To this end, we propose a efficient multi-layered architecture with fault tolerance. We also analayze the end-to-end delay, energy consumption(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate how Facebook use is leading to negative relationship outcomes such as cheating and breakup by assessing users' perceived relationship qualities. It was hypothesized that Facebook-related conflict will be negatively related with users' relationship length and will also be negatively related with their perceived(More)
  • M Chanda, A S Chakraborty, A Dandapat, H Rahaman, Ieee Member
  • 2011
In this paper, the design of pre-settable adiabatic flip-flops and sequential circuits based on the newly proposed Energy efficient adiabatic Logic (EEAL) is presented. EEAL is based on differential cascode voltage swing (DCVS) logic, uses only a single sinusoidal source as supply-clock. This not only ensures lower energy dissipation, but also simplifies(More)
Low complexity digit serial systolic montgomery multipliers for special class of GF(2), " IEEE New viewpoint of bit-serial/ parallel normal basis multipliers using irreducible all-one polynomial, " intolic montgomery multiplier over GF(2) generated by trinomials, " IET Circuits Dev. [21] C.-Y. Lee, " Error-correcting codes for concurrent error correction in(More)
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