H.M. Mousa

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This paper presents a practical implementation of general-purpose low cost neurocontroller using a microcontroller. A neural model of the controlled process is obtained on-line using the error back-propagation learning algorithm. A neural controller based upon this model is then used to control the process. The introduced technique explains the learning and(More)
This paper concerns the development of a practical distributed on-line neurocontrollers for temperature processes using microcontrollers. The suggested controllers are composed of a network of microcontrollers that are coordinated by a supervisor microcontroller interfaced with the user via LCD and remote control system. This distributed control system(More)
The primary objective of this paper is to design, develop, implement and test a simplified switching inverter topology suitable for three phase induction motor drives. The simplified topology is presented and the principle of operation is described in detail. A modified time switching is used instead of the standard pulse width modulation techniques. The(More)
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