H M Kurlander

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To evaluate the role of toxic metals in causing motor neuron disease (MND), we used a photon-excited, energy-dispersive x-ray analytical system to measure the metal content of spinal ventral horn tissue. Specimens were taken from the cervical and lumbar enlargements of 7 patients who died of MND and the results compared with those found in 12 control(More)
Because some investigators have reported abnormal concentrations of amino acids (AA) in fluids and tissues of patients with motor neuron disease (MND), we examined the AA content of frozen anterior horn spinal cord tissue taken from seven patients dying of MND and compared the results with those found in 12 control patients. Ammonia (21 +/- 8.1 vs. 12.7 +/-(More)
The learned helplessness model of depression predicts that depressives should tend to perceive reinforcement as response-independent in skill tasks. Depressed-anxious, nondepressed-anxious, and nondepressed-nonanxious college students estimated their chances for success in a skill or a chance task. (Virtually no depressed-nonanxious subjects could be(More)
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