H M Kretschmann

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We demonstrate longitudinally diode-pumped operation of Nd:YAG and Nd:YAP lasers at the long-wavelength end of the (4)F(3/2) ? (4)I(13/2) transition in the eye-safe spectral region at 1444 and 1430 nm, respectively. Special crystal coatings were required for achievement of lasing at these wavelengths. Output powers of up to 4.9 and 2.2 W, with slope(More)
Powerful green upconversion lasing of Er/sup 3+/:LiLuF/sub 4/ could be achieved using a multi pass pumping setup. The maximum output was 213 mW under Ti:sapphire laser pumping. Diode pumped cw lasing at room temperature is demonstrated for the first time.
A new resonator design for doubly resonant continuous-wave intracavity sum-frequency mixing is presented. We generated 212 mW of coherent radiation at 618 nm by mixing the radiation of a 1080-nm Nd(3+):YAlO(3) laser and a 1444-nm Nd(3+):YAG laser. Two different mixing resonator setups and several nonlinear-optical crystals were investigated. So far output(More)
We present a three-dimensional (3D) anatomical computer-graphics model of the corticospinal system acquired from equidistant serial anatomical slices of six intracranially-fixed human brains. This model is part of a neuroanatomical reference system (NeuRef) which enables 3D visualization of the brain and shows the relationship of its components such as(More)
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