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Interest in ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) arises from its ability to combine with metal ions to form water-soluble chelates. Several important biological applications have been made of this property. The material has been shown to be effective (a) in mobilizing radioactive elements such as Pu, Am, and Y from the skeleton (1, 2), (b) as a valuable(More)
~b~tr~ct -hdy~a of tissue aiiquota from a plutonium procesi operptor, who had batr; -.._ eXp0iEaG-P~~ largely via chronic low-level inhalation for appmximately 6 out of' 11) ycan of employment, showed that he had accumulated a body burden of approxhatcly 0.018 pc. Estimations of his body burden from hk urine assay record ranged Gom 0.019 to 0.034 highat(More)
Ross, P. J., Seaton, A., Foreman, H. M., and Morris Evans, W. H. (1974). Thorax, 29, 659-665. Pulmonary calcification following smallpox handler's lung. A follow-up study of six nurses who developed smallpox handler's lung during the 1962 South Wales smallpox epidemic and of the surviving smallpox patients is reported. The development of extensive punctate(More)