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Recent experimental achievements and theoretical studies have generated substantial interest in the spherical torus concept. The ARIES-ST study was undertaken as a national US effort to investigate the potential of the spherical tokamak concept as a fusion power plant. This 1000 MWe fusion power plant conceptual design has an aspect ratio of 1.6, a major(More)
  • H-M. Fan
  • IEEE 1989 International Conference on Systems…
  • 1989
The author studies convergence on the bearing estimate obtained when the trajectories of the sensor displacement are known and the bearing estimation from the shipboard beamformer is available. It is shown rigorously that under fairly general conditions this bearing estimate converges to the true bearing. Some computer simulations show that this convergence(More)
An evolutionary process was used to develop the toroidal field (TF) coil design for the ARIES-ST (Spherical Tokamak). Design considerations included fabricability, assembly, maintenance, energy efficiency, and structural robustness. The design addresses a number of the concerns (complexity) and criticisms (high cost, high recirculating power) of fusion. It(More)
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