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AIMS Combined hepatocellular cholangiocarcinoma (CHC) is a rare form of primary liver cancer, showing a mixture of hepatocellular and biliary features. Data suggest that most CHC arise from hepatic progenitor cells (HPCs). The aim was to investigate the origin of CHC. METHODS AND RESULTS Twelve cases of CHC were studied by immunohistochemistry for(More)
Aquaporin (AQP)-1 and AQP-4 expression in lung tissues of SD rats during high altitude hypoxic lung injury, and the relationship between AQP-1 and AQP-4 expression, and acute hypoxic lung injury was analyzed. Thirty six healthy SD rats were divided into hypoxia 1d, 2d, 3d, 5d, and 7d groups and control group (N = 6). Pathological changes in lung tissue were(More)
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