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Pain threshold was measured using a simple pressure algometer in 190 subjects. The measurement had a highly acceptable intra-observer error. Significantly lower pain thresholds were observed in all of the five areas of the body studied in females. The most sensitive area was the forehead. There was a higher pain threshold in the dominant hand. Anxiety and(More)
One of us (WWB), impressed by the low prevalence of gallstones in rheumatoid arthritis, decided to review straight X-ray films of the abdomen in 398 consecutive female patients with 'definite' or 'classical' rheumatoid arthritis (1) and 402 female patients with osteoarthritis and/or cervical or lumbar disc disease. The relevant clinical and laboratory data(More)
Fifty-foot walking time was used in 51 of 187 clinical therapeutic trials of antirheumatic drugs and in only 21 instances was statistical significance reached. Measurement of the 50-foot walking time showed no better performance in long-term trials of SAARDs than in short-term trials of NSAIDs. It is concluded that the 50-foot walking time is a poor outcome(More)
When patients with rheumatoid arthritis whose clinical disease activity was stable had their oral prednisolone of less than 5 mg per day (mean 3.5 mg) replaced by placebo, there was an almost immediate flare in their arthritis. This confirms that such low dose prednisolone therapy is effective in controlling joint inflammation.
No information on the inheritance of the ability to produce sounds exists for fishes. In birds, which usually provide extensive post-hatching parental care, acoustic signals are learned in some species but are innate in others. Almost no fishes provide extensive post-hatching parental care and, consequently, the offspring have little opportunity to hear and(More)
There is evidence from several well documented case reports that occasional patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) may develop aggravation of their arthritis as a result of allergy to some ingredient in the diet. A variety of foodstuffs have been implicated including milk and milk products, corn and cereals. Total fasting results in improvement in(More)
A high degree of intra - and inter - rater reproducibility was obtained in measurement of a standardized area of the head of the first right metacarpal using a precision digitizer. This instrument had an accuracy for every point digitized of 0.127 mm. Intra-rater difference between readings at approximately a month's interval showed no significant(More)
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