H.M. Abdel-Wahab

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Java is developed at SUN Microsystems with major designed goals of being platform-independent, and Internet-oriented programming language. Thus, a program written in Java can be downloaded and run on PCs, Macs and UNIX workstations without any modiications. However, Java does not have built-in support or mechanisms for developing multiuser and collaborative(More)
Multimedia desktop conferencing systems that includes audio, video and application sharing are gaining momentum and increasingly becoming a reality. This paper describes one such system, called Java Collaborative Environment (JCE). The application sharing component of JCE allows the conference participants to share any application written in Java using its(More)
In a typical resource allocation model, clients request a xed amount of a certain resource from the resource manager (RM). Based on the current allocations, the RM grants or rejects the request. An alternative abstract model for the resource allocation problem assumes that the client speciies his request as a range of possible allocations rather than a xed(More)
In a system of recall broadcast, each message contains a set of message identifiers called its recall set. The recall set of a message identifies all previously received messages upon which the message is based. When a message is received by a process and displayed to an external user, all messages in its recall set are also displayed to the user. The(More)
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