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In this review we analyse structure/sequence-function relationships for the superfamily of PLP-dependent enzymes with special emphasis on class III transaminases. Amine transaminases are highly important for applications in biocatalysis in the synthesis of chiral amines. In addition, other enzyme activities such as racemases or decarboxylases are also(More)
We introduce a nonparametric test intended for large-scale simultaneous inference in situations where the utility of distribution-free tests is limited because of their discrete nature. Such situations are frequently dealt with in microarray analysis where the number of tests is much larger than the sample size. The proposed test statistic is based on a(More)
For biocatalytic production of pharmaceutically important chiral amines the ω-transaminase enzymes have proven useful. Engineering of these enzymes has to some extent been accomplished by rational design, but mostly by directed evolution. By use of a homology model a key point mutation in Chromobacterium violaceum ω-transaminase was found upon comparison(More)
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