H. L. Sun

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Based on the maximum likelihood analysis principle for dynamic trait QTL mapping, selecting three orders Legendre polynomial as sub-model,the effects of the individual number, the frequency of test day,the marker density and heritability on detecting power are investigated by Monte-Carlo simulation. Each factor is divided into three levels such as the(More)
This article introduces the designing of digital compass based on the anisotropic magneto-resistive (AMR) and accelerometers. The developed method can give the carrier's information such as actual azimuth, roll and pitch. The article is especially focused on the errors caused by sensor misalignment, temperature offset drifts, cross-axis effect and magnetic(More)
This article introduces the designing of north seeker based on the uniaxial Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) and uniaxial accelerometer. And four-position north-seeking algorithm in the horizontal plane inclination is discussed, which uses translocation to eliminate constant drift and scale factor error of FOG. The system composition and working principle are(More)
A generalized hybrid scheme combining finite element method (FEM) and the method of moments (MoM) accelerated by multilevel fast multipole algorithm (MLFMA) is first presented to investigate scattering from a 3-D dielectric object above a 2-D electrically large dielectric rough surface. The hybrid FEM/ MoM scheme is divided into the FEM region for the(More)
The quantitative traits whose phenotypic values change with time in life or other quantitative factors, were defined as dynamic traits. Based on the idea about random regression test-day model for estimating breeding values in animal evaluation, a mathematic model was constructed for mapping dynamic trait loci by using Legendre polynomials to model dynamic(More)
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