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Denote by c = 2 ℵ 0 the cardinal of continuum. We construct an intriguing family (Pα : α ∈ c) of prime z-ideals in C 0 (R) with the following properties: • If f ∈ P i 0 for some i 0 ∈ c, then f ∈ P i for all but finitely many i ∈ c; • T i =i 0 P i ⊂ P i 0 for each ı 0 ∈ c. We also construct a well-ordered increasing chain, as well as a well-ordered(More)
For a locally compact group G, the measure convolution algebra M (G) carries a natural coprod-uct. In previous work, we showed that the canonical predual C0(G) of M (G) is the unique predual which makes both the product and the coproduct on M (G) weak *-continuous. Given a discrete semi-group S, the convolution algebra ℓ 1 (S) also carries a coproduct. In(More)
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