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N-(2-[2,3-Bis-(methoxycarbonyl)-guanidino]-5-(phenylthio)-phenyl)-2-methoxyacetamide (febantel, Rintal) is a new compound which is highly active against various species of nematodes and cestodes in mice, rats, dogs, sheep and cattle. In sheep and cattle a single oral dose of 5 mg/kg resulted in an almost complete elimination of larval and adult intestinal(More)
Beside surgery and chemotherapy, which has recently become important, radiotherapy is an efficacious means in the treatment of oral cavity cancer, both when applied alone and in combination. Clinical radiotherapy is based on the differences in sensitivity between normal tissue and tumor. The radiosensitivity of oral cavity cancers--above all squamous cell(More)
Investigations on diphenylthioether derivatives led to compounds with a high antimalarial (P. berghei) activity. 58 new compounds were synthetisized in order to study structure-efficacy relationships. General formula: Efficacy was optimal in compounds with R1 = NO2. Some of such compounds were at least half as effective as chloroquine and fully effective(More)