H L García-Romero

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The structures that participate in normal ventricular septation, and to what extent they do so, are questions not yet clarified. Even less is known about how much each of the embryonic structures contributes to the topography of the mature interventricular septum (IVS). The aim of the present paper is to investigate the significance of ventricular(More)
A survey was conducted with 3021 employees of the Federal Government using self-administered questionnaires in order to collect data on the socioeconomic background of those surveyed (sex, age, civil status, number of children, religious, affiliation, educational level and monthly income), as well as their opinions about euthanasia. For the purposes of this(More)
We revised ethical concepts related to abortion from the points of view of the mothers; life, health, and considerations are made concerning the embryo or fetus as a biological, ontological, moral, and potential person. Certain religious matters on abortion are described and commented on. Effects of abortion penalization in Mexico and the legislation in the(More)
The physician rights may be classified in those related with his quality as a person, and those derived from his relationship with his patients and the institution to which he belongs. Among the first, liberty of expression, legal security, right of free association, the right of a dignified social position and neutral attitude towards the commitment of(More)
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