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To investigate the roles of primary afferent fibers in development of the bee venom (BV)-induced persistent spontaneous nociception (PSN) and hyperalgesia (HA), the sciatic nerve or both the sciatic and saphenous nerves of rats were topically treated with capsaicin respectively under pentobarbital anesthesia to destroy the capsaicin-sensitive primary(More)
The accelerated growth of the molecular sequencing data has generated a pressing need for advanced sequence annotation tools. This paper reports a new method, termed MOTIFIND (Motif Identification Neural Design), for rapid and sensitive protein family identification. The method is extended from our previous gene classification artificial neural system and(More)
Decreased GABA function in the hypothalamus increases mean arterial pressure (MAP) and heart rate (HR). Since ethanol acts on GABA-A receptors, blocking GABA-A receptors can prevent a decrease of MAP and HR by ethanol in the lateral hypothalamus (LH). Ethanol at 5-30 mM, with or without 25 ng/microl bicuculline, was infused into the LH, and the activity of(More)
We have fabricated a quarter-wave plate from a single layer of birefringent electric split-ring resonators (ELC). For comparison, an appropriately scaled double layer meanderline structure was fabricated. At the design frequency of 639 GHz, the ELC structure achieves 99.9% circular polarization while the meanderline achieves 99.6%. The me-anderline displays(More)
A protein class (ProClass) database is developed as a "value-added" "second-generation" database organized according to family relationships. The database collects non-redundant protein sequence entries from SwissProt and PIR databases, and classifies them in families defined collectively by the ProSite protein groups and PIR superfamilies. The major(More)
Tapered silicon photonic crystals (PhCs) with smooth sidewalls are realized using a novel single-step deep reactive ion etching. The PhCs can significantly reduce the surface reflection over the wavelength range between the ultraviolet and near-infrared regions. From the measurements using a spectrophotometer and an angle-variable spectroscopic(More)
BACKGROUND This study was undertaken to show the association between obesity and hyperlipidemia among the children. METHODS In March 2000, while conducting a comprehensive health examination, we analyzed 2011 children from the first grade of primary schools in Taichung City in Taiwan. To study the association between obesity and hyperlipidemia, the t(More)
The wild white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus, is commonly used for photoperiod studies utilizing physiological, behavioral, and other biological measures indicative of hypothalamic functions. Indoleamines, like melatonin and serotonin, are implicated in regulating these hypothalamic functions. Although neurochemical analyses of hypothalamic serotonin(More)
A polymer-stabilized blue-phase liquid crystal (BPLC) with a negative Kerr constant is reported. In a voltage-on state, the double-twist BPLC molecules within the lattice cylinders are reoriented perpendicular to the applied electric field because of their negative dielectric anisotropy. As a result, the induced birefringence has a negative value, which(More)
We propose a switchable phase grating using fringe field switching (FFS) cells. The FFS phase grating possesses several attractive features: large diffraction angle, high diffraction efficiency, fast response time, and high contrast ratio. It can diffract >32% light to ± 2nd orders with a large diffraction angle of 12.1°. Meanwhile, its response time(More)