H L Beykirch

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This study was designed to investigate learning and retention of isolated sign vocabulary as a function of sign classification (iconic, opaque, or abstract). The subjects were 28 hearing college students naive to sign vocabulary. They were drilled with 30 signs from American Sign Language that had been classified as iconic, opaque, or abstract. Training was(More)
Performance-intensity functions were drawn for each of the 5 progressively more difficult 8-word subtests of Gaeth's Speech Discrimination Scale (SDS) with 16 limited-hearing Ss aged 20-88 yrs. Prior examination with the NU-6 test at 24 db SL revealed speech discrimination ability groupings, unrelated either to pure-tone ac hearing losses or to age. The(More)
The present study was designed to examine receptive learning of 30 ASL signs using two teaching modes. Subjects were 28 college students with normal hearing, naive to sign language, who were trained under computer-assisted instruction (CAI) or through videotaped presentation (VT). The results indicated significantly (p less than .01) higher scores under the(More)
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